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A Picture of Health

How this Inc. 500|5000 company is looking to brighten up healthcare.


In order to properly introduce our feature Inc. 500|5000 company, imagine this:

You have just been diagnosed with a serious heart condition. You have undergone an expedited open-heart surgery and now lie dazed and derailed, recovering in a very white hospital room with empty walls and a very small hospital bed. Your visitors come but then they go. Your nurses wake you in the night to administer pills and IV drips that have functions in your body you don't understand. And your doctors pop in and out like Jack-in-the-boxes, leaving only vague trails of very long words describing your condition behind in your fearful brain. You're scared and you're bored. While coming to your critical and heroic rescue, the medical system seems to have accidentally left someone very important out of the boardroom when it comes to the future of your health—you.

These feelings of shock, under-informed isolation, and prostrate helplessness were shared ten years ago by Michael O'Neil, a Georgetown Business and Law grad student who one day turned up with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. O'Neil's experiences as he navigated his way through surgery and chemo on the long road to recovery would inform his future business, the GetWellNetwork, # 2605 on this year's Inc. 500|5000 list... [story continued at the bottom of the page]

An Affair to Remember: The 2010 Inc. 500|5000 Conference

It wasn't an easy year to make the Inc. 500|5000. But it soon became clear to our team as applications came rolling in that huge segments of the private company community were still growing despite the economic frost and 2009 revenues came in just as strong as ever.

Thus it was with enthusiasm and spirit that we celebrated the stellar 2010 Inc. 500|5000 honorees and community at the 2010 Inc. 500|5000 Conference and Awards Ceremony in Washington D.C. 1800 attendees joined together to celebrate companies' achievements, each other and the power of private enterprise. Inc. 500|5000 speakers such as Tony Hsieh of, Tim Westergren of Pandora, Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farm and of course, Inc. columnist, author and founder of Citistorage, Norm Brodsky engaged a well-versed audience. Attendees got to know each other during networking breaks, lent a hand to the local community at the Inc. day of service, traded trade secrets over cocktails at the chic Friday night party and discussed crucial issues for their businesses during break-out sessions. And to conclude three days of learning, networking and fun, America's fastest-growing companies took the stage to accept their awards at the annual Inc. 500|5000 Black Tie Gala.

There was no better place to experience first-hand the talent, ingenuity and resilience that defines the Inc. 500|5000 community. We at Inc. were honored to have celebrated with you in person at the conference.

Until next year!

From the Inc. community: Juggle: An Online Encyclopedia and a Whole Lot More

When searching for information on the Internet, "Check Juggle" is not a phrase that springs to most people's minds. has been on the Web since early 2009. It's an online encyclopedia that aggregates and organizes factual information from a wide variety of sources: newspapers, magazines, academic journals, and information websites, including Wikipedia. The fact that is not a household word and doesn't seem likely to be one anytime soon doesn't bother CEO Stephanie Leffler. The firm is on track to take in about $10 million in revenue this year. A look behind the scenes reveals a fascinating glimpse of the intersection between information and commerce on the Web today - and how to keep more than one ball in the air in the Internet business.

Leffler is something of an expert on the topic, having built up an ecommerce company called MonsterCommerce that had its roots in an online shopping cart she developed while selling sun protection products when she was in college. After she sold MonsterCommerce to the domain-selling giant Network Solutions in 2006 for an undisclosed sum, she and her husband, Juggle president Ryan Noble, used the proceeds to start Juggle... [story continued at the bottom of the page]

The Fastest-Growing Companies that just keep Going... and Growing

By nature, the Inc. 500|5000 award is a high test of a company's longevity by measuring growth over a span of three years. But more remarkable still is the number of companies who make the Inc. 500|5000 more than once—a true testament to a smart business model, a stellar team, a brawny bottom line and dream that's come to life. No matter what industry, it's hard to argue with a company that boasts more than one Inc. 500|5000 award—living, operating proof that something is working and working well.

The 2010 multiple-year honorees have elevated this honor to an even more crucial and commendable level. As the economy swayed, these companies led the way as the private business community worked hard to weather the storm and bolster the heart rate of American enterprise.

In recognition of this professional achievement and important contribution, Inc. has compiled the first Top List for Multiple-year alumni. Check it out here.

Since the first Inc. 500 in 1982, 18,630 unique companies have made the Inc. 500 or Inc. 5000. Just 119 businesses have made the list six or more times; 35 have made it seven or more times; and 14 have made it eight or nine times.

A few of the familiar faces and logos that top the new list are the top four, Franklin American Mortgage, Progressive Medical, Skoda Minotti and Monitronics International, all of which have been awarded the Inc. 500|5000 9 times. It is remarkable to note the variety in industry, size and even age that you will see among not only these top 5 but all of our multiple year honorees—including the likes of:

  • Atalasoft, an imaging software company and 3-year consecutive Inc. 500|5000 honoree with $3.3 million in revenue.
  • Sygnetics, an American Service Disabled Veteran- run government services company that has earned 5 Inc. 500|5000 awards on its journey to $5.3 million in revenue (its first year on the Inc. 500|5000 was in 1993).
  • Children's Progress, a two-time Inc. 500|5000 alumnus and #517 on this year's list that develops computer-based assessment tests and reporting tools for school districts and state departments.
  • Noodles & Company, a quick-casual, globally inspired noodle restaurant that has been honored by the Inc. 500|5000 an impressive eight times.

And this is just a sampling of the multiple-year alumni on the 2010 List. Our congratulations to all of our multiple-year alumni for defying the odds and coming back for more every year on the Inc. 500|5000.

Got Questions? Ask Inc.

As a member of the Inc. 500|5000, you know the value of a community of peers. Having a network of savvy entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of and share experiences with can save you a lot of heartburn -- and heartache—when confronted with a business issue.

With that in mind, we've created an online venue with our partner Mahalo for you to get advice from other business leaders and experts. Named Ask Inc., discussions revolve around a wide array of topics, from sales and finance to hiring and technology.

Ask Inc. also allows you lend your expertise to aspiring entrepreneurs who might someday join you on the Inc. 5000.

Popular conversations include:

- How do you keep meetings short and effective?

- What mistakes should you avoid when designing a website?

- How do you manage the ups and downs of the sales cycle?

- How do you maintain the energy of a start-up company as you grow?

To join the Ask Inc. community, which already boasts thousands of members, go to:

A Picture of Health (continued)

Dreamed up in 2000 and commercially founded in 2003, The GetWellNetwork strives to both empower patients and improve healthcare workflows at the same time. O'Neil founded the company based on his experience that "as a patient, you often feel like you are on the outside looking in on something that you really need to be on the inside for." Thus, GetWellNetork uses "patient engagement as a core strategy for improvement in healthcare" from all angles. The company provides tools for interactive patient care using broadband, TV and client-server technology to bring rich educational, entertaining and patient-initiated content directly to the bedside. Replacing old analog TVs or entertainment systems and hooking in directly to the facility's clinical workflow, GetWellNetwork content is triggered by both the hospital (the nurses, doctors and caregivers) and the patient who navigates the content. For example, if a doctor prescribes a medication, GetWellNetwork will prompt the patient with interactive content on that medication. Up-to-date educational and entertainment content is aggregated and linked to clinical systems through the help of 15-20 partners, such as KidsHealth® (Nemours Foundation) to provide a pediatric video library especially for kids.

As rapidfire changes in technology continue to lap at the healthcare industry's shores, GetWellNetwork hopes to help hospitals implement better electronic clinical systems that support a patient-centered care approach. Instead of isolating patients from in-person caregivers, O'Neil says the technology can engage, inform and entertain patients in areas where busy nurses might need a bit of an (electronic) hand. And there is more to come—GWN is releasing a Get Well At home product that will utilize mobile, web and cable-TV technology to bring the connective resource into the homes of patients after they are released from the hospital.

As he pursues his dream to empower patients everywhere and revolutionize healthcare, Michael O'Neil feels a gratitude and a sense of purpose that often defines an entrepreneurial spirit. "We at GetWellNetwork have a genuine and powerful appreciation for the humbling and privileged space that we work in," says O'Neil. "We get to work in one of the biggest, most dynamic industries. And at the same time, every single day we are touching real people in life defining moments—our neighbors, wives, children, grandmothers and friends."

Juggle: (continued)

Juggle makes its money on ads. now averages 800,000 unique visitors per month, according to Quantcast's estimate. Many visits arrive through links from searches on Google or other search engines; ads on generally appear after a search. Then Juggle will provide a variety of aggregated, related content and ads on their own pages. For example, a search on "Martha and the Vandellas" will be directed to Juggle's main entry about the group, plus other entries about specific albums, one on leader Martha Reeves, and one on Motown Records. Ads for CDs to buy appear in a "Product Results" column on the right. Juggle also owns about 2,000 other domains, such as, and sells ads on all of them.

Leffler has conciously kept Juggle's employee count to about 20. The company is based in Swansea, Illinois, a suburb of St. Louis, MO. Much of the work is accomplished by crowdsourcing via, a software tool that enhances's Mechanical Turk, a means of matching jobs with contract workers across the globe.

As the company grows, Leffler is considering changing the company's name to reflect the fact that it does a lot more than operate the encyclopedia site. But ultimately, she's not worried much about branding on the Internet. Instead, she says, it's important "to get the right information in front of the right people at the right time".

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Amish Shah and Jose Rivera
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Company snapshot:
Based out of San Diego, California and coming in at #496 on the 2010 Inc. 500 list,Digispace Solutions is an online performance-based advertising company that develops and implements web technology for online advertising and marketing.

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