Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour
Michael Simmons, Sheena Lindahl & Arel Moodie

Founders:Sheena Lindahl, 28; Arel Moodie, 27; and Michael Simmons, 29

Company: Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour

Year founded: 2006

Location: New York, NY

2010 Revenue: $800,000

2011 Projected Revenue: $1 million

Employees: 4

Website: ExtremeTour.org

Facebook: Facebook.com/Extreme-Entrepreneurship

While at NYU, Simmons wrote the Student Success Manifesto, a guide to the entrepreneurial mindset. He and Lindahl self-published it. "I wish the Manifesto had been around when I was younger," wrote Paul Orfalea, the founder of Kinko's, in a book endorsement.

Lindahl and Simmons also started speaking about entrepreneurship—at college campuses, high school groups, and other organizations, and they built a website to promote themselves. In 2006, their start-up became Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour.
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