evoJets | Christopher Kelly & Adriann Wanner

Founders: Christopher Kelly, 28; Adriann Wanner,28

Company: evoJets

Year founded: 2008

Location: Aspen, Colorado and New York

2010 Revenue: $1.1 million

2011 Projected Revenue: $1.8 million

Employees: 3.5

Website: evoJets.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/evoJets

Twitter: @evoJets

Need to get from Aspen, Colorado to Miami? How about Los Angeles to Dubai? If you want to do it in style, the person to call is Adriann Wanner, president and co-founder of evoJets, an upstart private-jet charter company. Wanner utilizes a pool of 7,000 aircraft from a worldwide network. "I provide the right jet at the right time for the right price, depending on where the client is going." Jets range from the Cessna Citation Ultra that can carry up to 7 people to the Gulfstream G 550 that seat up to 22. read more