Onswipe | Andres Baretto, Jason Baptise & Mark Bao

Name: Jason Baptiste, 25; Andres Barreto, 24; Mark Bao, 18

Company: Onswipe

Year founded: 2010

Location: New York City

2010 Revenue: Undisclosed

2011 Projected Revenue: Undisclosed

Employees: 12

Website: Onswipe.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/onswipe

Twitter: @Onswipe

Jason Baptiste is nothing if not confident. "We're sitting between two huge shifts," he told the audience at TechStars's Demo Day on April 11. "The shift in the media industry from print to digital, and the shift in the entire computing industry from point-and-click to touch-enabled devices. We get a chance to change everything. We get a chance to rewrite all the rules. And in order to do this we are not raising a Series A, we're raising a Series Awesome. Because I can tell you that Onswipe will own this market."
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