Ignighter | Kevin Owocki, Dan Osit & Adam Sachs

Founders: Dan Osit, 29; Kevin Owocki, 26; Adam Sachs, 28

Company: Ignighter

Year founded: 2008

Location: India and New York

2010 Revenue: $500,000

2011 Projected Revenue: Undisclosed

Employees: 8

Website: Ignighter.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/ignighter

Twitter: @ignighter

In April, University of Pennsylvania hosted the 15th annual Wharton India Economic Forum, an elite conference on growth opportunities in India. Among the attendees, who were predominately of Indian descent, was Adam Sachs, a 28-year-old Jewish kid from New Jersey. As it turns out, Sachs' two-year-old start-up, a group dating website called Ignighter.com, is one of the hottest new websites in India. read more